Friday, September 11, 2009

Into the Blue Again / The Album Leaf

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"There’s something to be said for peace, serenity, and level-headedness in music. While oftentimes I’m looking for something to charge me up or at least get my head bobbing, a soothing soundscape can be the right prescription in times of tension and stress. Yet, there also needs to be an element compelling me to listen beyond those first couple relaxing minutes. The Album Leaf is a project (steered by mastermind Jimmy LaValle) that has repeatedly shown the ability to make such music, and while it may not draw them legions of devout fans, that just makes their efforts all the more noble." (from

Although this album didn't receive the review I expected, it is still oh so awesome. Relaxing. Peaceful. Full of life. I just like it a lot. But you can tell me what you think later on when you've fallen in love with it.

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