Thursday, July 31, 2008


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Circo is born January 2001, composed of José Luis Abreu "Fofé" (ex lead singer from El Manjar de Los Dioses) on vocals, Edgardo Santiago “Egui” (ex Manjar de Lios Dioses & Vivanativa) on the keyboard, José David Pérez (ex Manjar de Los Dioses) on drums and Orlando Méndez on guitar.

Their latest album, Cursi, hit stores on September 2007. Blasting with electronic vibes, this album quickly captured the attention of long-time Circo fans as well as the general public. The theme here is love, and it is expressed in its different states: euphoric, hopeful, depressed... You'll add your own adjectives as you hear each track of this great, great album. Fofé's voice does not disappoint, and Orlando's guitar is the centerpiece of most tracks, alternating with Egui's electronic beats and effects. Enjoy what Fofé himself has called Circo's "most mature and evolved" album. I call it "their best album, period."
Let me know what you'll call it =]