Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Balún / Something Comes Our Way

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Defining their style as electronic music, Balún has definitely moved audiences with their joyful
sounds and unique style. Hailing from the island of Puerto Rico,
they have sure let themselves be heard throughout the island. I'd
like to say their amongst the top electronic groups in the island
and they sure will stay that way. Their sounds are, as mentioned
before, somewhat joyful, with a warm deep ambience in many
tracks, or the complete opposite with moving, random-like harmony in others.

I really recommend a listen to this group, they'll definitely cheer you up and make you move.
Lemme know how you like em'.
Peace =]

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gomba Jahbari/Sentémonos

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Gomba Jahbari, reggae band native to the island of Puerto Rico and established in 1998, was born from the desire to rescue a part of Caribbean culture by one of the most sensible ways possible: through music. With effort and dedication, the Courageous Warriors (Gomba Jahbari, in an African dialect) have succeeded in standing out within the reggae roots scene in Puerto Rico and Latin America. They remain active, welcomed by numerous fans and lovers of the genre. Their musical concept obeys to keeping a pure and original roots reggae sound, but it simultaneously incorporates details and sounds very actual amongst world music trends. Alas, an aggressive style with a very unusual and powerful rhythm section. It's not the mellow reggae that we are used to hearing; it's a sort of heavy roots. With constant innovation, an amalgam of details emerges within a classic reggae rhythm. This can be felt in the hypnotic melodies of the profound and repetitive notes that judiciously take over the bass partition. Following the rhythmic base, psychedelic digital sounds and keyboard lines propose a tone that is out of the ordinary. The airs of the brass section, more than just adorning a piece, know how to inject a certain rush in the precise moment.

Sentémonos is a musical proposal that exhibits a very interesting contrast between the genre of pure and classic roots reggae and the cumulus of influences that come from a rigorous study of this and other fascinating types of music. Their lyrics attack matters that truly concern today's man: the search of truth and finding one’s self instead of today’s world of lies and deceit. Social, religious and cultural themes are presented to contribute towards the awakening of our brothers, with rhythms that are inviting to listen and dance... Gomba Jahbari is a manifestation that incites an internal connection.

Gomba Jahbari’s first studio record ranks among the best reggae albums in my book. Give it a listen and add it to yours =]

(Most of the credit for the review goes to someone other than me.)