Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Humbug / Arctic Monkeys

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"The album kicks off with the sinister ballads "My Propeller" and "Crying Lightning." Instead of asking girls to join them on the dance floor, the Monkeys bemoan the "twisted and deranged" mind games they play in the latter track. "Secret Door" is a brief respite from Humbug's thick gloom, and the four-piece evokes the sound of vintage David Bowie in the tune's soaring chorus. Clever lines are peppered throughout the rest of the disc: "What came first/ The chicken or the dickheads?" Turner ponders in "Pretty Visitors."

If earlier outings found the Sheffield collective channeling Franz Ferdinand, the Strokes and the Libertines, then Humbug owes its debt to earlier rock influences, like Black Sabbath, Morrissey and Nick Cave. The sped-up tempo from 2007’s Favourite Worst Nightmare has given way to a more deliberate beat and the new effort shows the band is ready to leave the raucous, lager-filled pubs and slow down. However, Humbug is still blessed with taut rhythms and guitar lines ("Potion Approaching"), as well as engaging story-telling ("Cornerstone"). Whether you call the Arctic Monkeys' evolving sound Britpop or Britprog, it's clear the album shows remarkable progress for the band." (from Prefixmag.com)

Before I say anything, many might start shouting off at this album with negative criticism and whatnot, but, I for one am opposed. This album may not be the same sound you've know them for, but it's so much more. They have grown up in a way that not many people like, but by making their music more meaningful, more... tasteful, more... complex and well thought out. Their influences on this album obviously are very distinct from the first two but once you get your ear fixed on it, you'll want bloody more. Instead of just jamming out with some good poppy lyrics the band takes you oh so deeper into the rabbit hole, giving you a piece of their mind, more than you could digest I might say. It is an incredibly good and mature sound for the band and just pops the question on your mind on what could they be doing next. Great job guys. Keep it coming.

You know what to do.