Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Antics / Interpol

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"New York's Interpol released a landmark debut album that shook up the indie world and strongly influenced many of the genre's major players. Drawing on the musical flourishes of that album, the band have crafted a follow-up every bit as dynamic and no less brilliant. Returning to the dark and moody landscape inhabited by Turn On The Bright Lights, Antics is just as atmospheric as its predecessor, but is a much different album. Interpol has allowed themselves a little more breathing room this go around, and the songs sound cleaner and less dense. The melodies remain as sharp as ever - if not sharper - while the music feels somewhat stripped down, even taking on an immediate, almost-live, feel." (from ugo.com)

Interpol have outdone themselves with almost every track they play. Not only is their sound amazing but it fills u up with excitement and practically makes the music come alive. This is their second album, but oh is it awesome.
Just listen to it and leave me a comment with a smiley face in it. I'll know what happened. :)

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