Monday, August 11, 2008

Feist / The Reminder

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I'll come out and say it first... it's not the best album, but it's still impresive. Canadian singer Leslie Feist hits up true elegance and beauty with this album. In indie waters, Feist captures a more sweet, loveable moments in life and translates them into this album. With acoustic happy sounds and warm lyrics like in the beautiful "I Feel It All" or "So Sorry" and jazzy, more electric sounds in "My Moon My Man" she achieves a sense of a "higher feeling" as one would put it. She has an uncanny voice, and she knows it, so she wanted to use all she could of it but with ambition comes error. There are some tracks that went too vocal, and are not that likeable, way too sleepy I guess. But, if she just would cut back on that, this would be an more than awesome album, but let's keep it awesome for now. ;]

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